ShamPoodles groomers are all certified with the world renouned Nash Grooming Acadamy or equivalent.  ShamPoodles closes once each year to attend grooming conventions in either Hershey PA, Chicago IL, or Las Vegas NV.  The enables us to remain current on concepts and styles and attend continuing education courses.  We purchase the latest equipment and supplies to ensure you pet has the very best experience and you get the best value for you dollars at ShamPoodles.

Groomers sometimes will not require current shot records.  Not ShamPoodles.  We require current shot records on all our pets.  This is not only for our safety but for your pets.  Disease can be transmitted by pets that are not immunized properly.  We work closely with area vets and can have your pet's records transmitted to us and maintained with our state of the art software.  This software tracks all aspects of you and your pet's.  We even offer automated e-mail and SMS text messaging instead of our usual reminder phone calls.

Most groomers are concerned with the volume approach.  They try to squeeze as many pets into a day as possible.  Not ShamPoodles.  We try to provide your pet with a positive experience that is nurtured over time.  We allow extra time as needed for each pet.  Sometimes this can cause delays during the day.  Please remember if your pet is a little late getting finished it is usually because a frightened puppy needed a little extra care.

Groomers sometimes require all the pets to be brought in the morning and picked up as they are finished.  Not ShamPoodles.  ShamPoodles makes appointments based on aprox groom times for specific pets.  We cherish the time spent with your pet however, this allows us to minimize the amount of time to required.  For those that require an even more personalized experience inquire about the Express Groom Package.

When drying your pet some groomers dry them as fast as possible.  This can be a scary experience for some pets.  Not ShamPoodles.  If your pet is nervous or scared we will use low impact dryers to minimize the impact.  This takes more time but ShamPoodles takes the time.  Grooming can be very stressful for your pet.  Very old or very young pets will usually require more time.  We will try our best to meet the parents needs but in our view the pet's wellbeing is our primary concern.

Groomers sometimes cut corner's when it comes to bathing your pet.  Not ShamPoodles.  We use the best performing shampoo's and conditioner's for your pet.  There is no extra charge for color enhancing shampoo's or oatmeal conditioner's.  Your pet, at a minimum, will receive two shampoo's and a conditioner.   If more is required we will provide it at no extra charge.  We even offer Tropiclean brand spa treatments and blueberry facials with hot towel application for a fee.  This is extremely helpful for pets with skin conditions.  ShamPoodles shampoo's and conditioner's are even heated to provide a wonderful experience for your pet.

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